Know that your lover is genuine with you.

These days it is quite natural that boys and girls would all be busy in finding their partner by self. In this process, it is quite natural that they try to patch up with more than one person which is understood. But, ultimately one should decide who exactly should be their life partner. To support this concept something called as living together is also introduced and accepted by society. However, it is important that you be loyal to each other and do not cause problems to girl who is in such relation with boy. Girls might have certain concerns about leaving relation as they might get attached to guys with whom they travel for a while. But, guys may want to move away in such situations it is always good to open up and discuss.

However, if such situations are not sorted out with ease, then there is a chance that law suits might be registered against each other which are truly tough to resolve. Here, since only two people are involved in building relation, it is very tough to explain them what is right and what is wrong. Hence, both of them should coordinate with each other and hireĀ  lie detectors who should ensure to give accurate results. Before doing so, it should also be agreed up on by each other that depending on results a fair decision would be taken without any mercy.
Once experts does some test on you, you could decide what to do. If both of you turn out to be talking true it does mean though you have some misunderstandings it could be sorted out easily as none are lying to each other in which situation it could be considered that they are loyal to each other and have tried to maintain a healthy relation. Thus, approaching lie detectors would help you understand each other in a better way.